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Adri Roos

Occupational Therapist: Human Behavioural Specialist: Life Coach

Adri Roos is a trained Occupational Therapist, coach and entrepreneur with a special interest in human behaviour and how this influences persons’ health, relationships, and business.

She is a Demartini Method Facilitator and Demartini Values Facilitator for Businesses.

In her 16 years of work she has gained experience and significant insights into human behaviour and how our psychology and unconscious patterns of behaviour draw the course for our lives.

“I am inspired by the discovery of my most authentic self, learning about human behaviour, and applying and teaching the principles I have adopted. I also have a passion for business and am constantly searching for new strategies and powerful tools to enhance my work practice!”

She serves by helping others find their inspired destiny (Relationships/health/wealth/business), that which propels their lives forward, toward meaningful relationships and fulfilment. She facilitates the breakdown of fears, anger, resentment, guilt and blame that so often create obstacles between a person, and this beautiful thing called life. She is able to assist in finding clarity, and in progressing and moving on from circumstances which may have immobilised or distracted a person from a chosen destination.

Adri presents a series of talks, workshops and mentorship programmes that teach powerful strategies on how to develop the psychology and mind-set required to achieve success and fulfilment across all areas of life, various situations and circumstances (Personal/Relationship/Health/Wealth/Business).

She is involved with corporate coaching and frequently speaks at events.

Adri is the founder and partner of Roos and Du Preez Occupational Therapists and runs a medico-legal practice that is based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. She has served as the Chairperson for the Institute of Occupational Therapists in Private Practice (INSTOPP) where she actively advocated the empowerment of her profession.  She has also served as an executive member on the Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA).

Allow her, to empower you, to discover your true identity and purpose in life, blending both personal and professional growth in a way that instils lasting change.

Life will never be the same again!



  • What: 6 Months Mentoring Academy 
    When: October 2019 Fully Booked
    When: Staring 3 March 2020
    Venue: ONLINE
    Cost: Please contact Adri for cost and payment plan
  • Reinvent Your Life 
  • What: Individual Coaching/Private Clients
    When: Contact Adri to book a free 30 minute call
    Time: Sessions of 90 minutes
    Venue: Online or Face-to-Face meeting
    Cost: Contact Adri for more details 
  • Reinvent Yourself:
  • Day 1: Who am I and Where am I Going/Determine Your Life Purpose 
    Time: 3 Hour Workshop
             8:30 - 11:30am, or 
              18:00 - 21:00
    When: 30 August 2019
                20 September 2019
                18 October 2019
    Venue: Northern Suburbs Cape Town
    Cost: R550 per person
    Day 2: Breakthrough Experience
    (Day 1 is a prerequsite to this course)
    Time: 8:30 - 17:30
    When: 31 August 2019
               21 September 2019
               19 October 2019
    Venue: Northern Suburbs Cape Town
    Cost: R1650 per person
  • Reinvent Yourself:
  • What: First Thursday Evening Talk/Group Talk
    Time: 18:00 to 19:00
    When: 1 August 2019
               5 September 2019
               3 October 2019
               7 November 2019
    Venue: Online
    Cost: R450 per session per person (discount on booking 5 sessions upfront)