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Reinvent Your Company: Corporate Coaching

1. Build a successful business

2. How to grow your business from good to great

3. Building blocks for a powerful and productive team for ultimate success

4. Improving productivity and motivation

5. Hiring: screening to match inspiration to the job required

6. Managing stress and anxiety with change

7. Conflict in the work place


Disability in the work place

8. Disability management in the work place

9. Early intervention: Preparation pre-treatment (operation) for return to work

10. Focus on early and effective return to work

11. Job match/Functional Capacity


Cost: I charged a value-based fee

Every business works within a budget. Services are rarely identical and the value differs from project to project.


How we will determine the value-based fee for your business?

Before a fee is decided upon, the following 3 steps will be discussed:

1. What are the objectives and goals you wish to achieve?

2. How will you measure the progress?

3. What is the value for your business long-term when objectives are achieved? What is your budget?


You will be offered different options and it will be your choice what you are comfortable to invest.