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Reinvent Your Life - Mentorship Forum (Yourself/Relationship/Business)

Join this 6 MONTH mentoring program and learn the strategies to make your life a massive success. A powerful program that will transform your perception of who you are. Reinvent the psychology and behaviour that will make you, your business and your relationships fulfilling. Blending both personal and professional growth in a way that instills lasting change. This program will cover fundamental, advance and master skills. Live will never be the same!


Learn the master skills of every successful company:

  • Reinvent Yourself
  • Balancing Your Perceptions
  • Breaking Through Your Baggage
  • Mastering my Values
  • Mastering Money
  • Mastery of Time
  • Mastering Marketing and Sales
  • Flavour of the Month
  • Team Management and Motivation
  • Implementation Plan


6 Fridays over 6 months (Included: Mentoring, projects and continued learning to apply the skills throughout the month)



Venue: Cape Town (to be announced/Northern suburbs)

Time: 8:00 to 16:00

Cape Town Dates: 30 September

                                 28 October

                                 11 November

Dates for 2017 to be announced.

Johannesburg courses on request.