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Reinvent Your Life - Mentorship Forum (Yourself/Relationship/Business)

What if living life could become much more effortless? 

Join this comprehensive 6 months mentoring program and learn the strategies to make your life a massive success and breakthrough any personal limitations holding you back.  A powerful program that will transform your perceptions and that will inspire true growth and success. This 24 week journey will be shared with an amazing likeminded peer-group. Reinvent your psychology and behaviour  and learn powerful life-changing knowledge that will create lasting transformation. You will live at a higher, deeply fullfilling level and unlock your fullest potential! Life will never be the same!

Most people I meet have a similar story, their life is not where they want it to be because:

  • They have no idea who they are or where they are going
  • They know what they want, but are not getting there, as their mind-set and hidden patterns of behaviour are blocking their path
  • Life seems to repeat on them
  • Struggling with guilt, shame, blame and resentment that uses exesive mental energy and leaves no space for anything else

What I do believe is that we are the Masters Of Our Own Destiny, and not the Victoms Of Our Past! 

Our history can be turned into wisdom, and we can make decisions today that will shape our tomorrow. I often get asked the question

  • "Why is life so hard?" 
  • "What is the purpose of all this suffering?"
  • "Why does life seem to become harder as we grow older?" 
  • "How do I listen, speak, behave and act or navigate life to fullfillment?" 

I developed this 24 week course to engineer a journey of true transformation, to touch and empower in a way that goes much deeper than just typical learning!

Is this the right journey for me? 

This journey is NOT for everyone! If you dont believe you have what it takes, or you are not willing to role-up your sleeves, dig deep and do the work this course is not for you!  There are no 'magic solutions'.

Now if that does not apply to you then the question you may be asking yourself is...

How does the coures work?

The course is split into 3 phases with 4 models in each phase. 

Week 1 - 8 Developing An Empowering Psychology - We start with the roots and foundation of who we are and uncover the emotional blocks, hidden believes and sabotaging patterns of behaviour that have lead you to this point. 

Week 9 - 16 Looking Beyond Behaviour - Understanding the key behavioural differences between people who succeed and are fulfilled and those who fail and are misarable.

Week 17 - 24 The Most Vital Ingredients For A Fulfilling Life- Design, create and install a new psychology. Transform to a new higher you that experience greater joy, success, fullfillment and freedom from harmfull thinking.

Learn the master skills of every successful individual:

  • Reinvent Yourself - Knowing who you are and where you are going
  • Balancing and Changing Your Perceptions
  • Breaking Through Your Baggage
  • Mastering Your Values
  • Mastering Your Emotions
  • Breaking Down Guilt, Shame, Blame and Resentment 
  • Practical Implementation Plan


Includes: Mentoring, projects and continued learning to apply the skills throughout the course




Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Dates for 2019 - Fully Booked

Dates for 2020: Course starts on Tuesday 3 March